Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

If you are ever in the lookout to beautify or improve the quality aspects of your smile, a smile makeover is probably your best chance to achieve it.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover targets at cosmetically enhancing the appearance and beauty of your smile. It consists of a series of dental procedures that can be performed on one or multiple teeth. The aim of these procedures is to achieve a beautiful and harmonious smile.

What can a smile makeover resolve?

A smile makeover can help resolve several dental concerns that may have compromised the beauty of your smile. Candidates who must consider getting a smile makeover should be the ones who may be suffering from the below dental conditions:

  • Severe teeth discoloration
  • Uneven gum line
  • Patients with cracked chipped, or uneven teeth
  • Teeth suffering from severe decay and erosion
  • Teeth that suffer from misalignments
  • Teeth with gaps and spacing
  • Missing teeth

What are the different types of smile makeover options that are available?

Condition: Gaps, crooked teeth, overbite, open bite, and crossbite

The above list of dental conditions can be easily resolved by smile makeover options such as crowns, veneers, and bridges. An easier option would be to use Invisalign. 

Condition: Gummy smile and small teeth

The above dental condition has two challenges: excessive gums and small teeth. Treating this condition would require the expertise from a board-certified periodontist and a cosmetic dentist. The dentist would proceed by reshaping the gum line and using porcelain veneers to enlarge the size of the small set of teeth.

Condition: Long teeth

If you are suffering from receding gums, a gum graft procedure would be the perfect treatment to make up for areas of the enamel where gums have receded. 

Condition: Dental stains

Dental stains may be the result of several reasons. It might have occurred due to the intake of medication, beverages, alcohol, etc. In cases when teeth whitening does not reduce or remove stains caused due to medication, the dentist would opt for restorations such as porcelain veneers. The most popular choice of veneers is porcelain veneers.

Condition: Missing teeth

Smile makeover treatment for missing teeth is generally resolved by using dental implants. Implants are made of titanium and can be surgically inserted into the jawbone. These implants would be covered by a dental restoration such as crowns.

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