The main benefits of fluoride on oral health

The main benefits of fluoride on oral health

Posted by ROBERT ASTLES, DDS on Apr 27 2021, 11:02 PM

The main benefits of fluoride on oral health

Fluoride, much like calcium, is one of the essential minerals present in the teeth. It offers several positive benefits, among which the most prominent one would be protection from cavities. Although there’s a common myth that fluoride is bad for the teeth, the truth is actually the opposite and has been well documented too.

How were the benefits of fluoride discovered?

This is quite an interesting one. Right after world war 2, the number of individuals developing cavities was on the rise in many countries. Although dentists carried out several experimental attempts, they discovered that water fluoridation showed a significant reduction in cases of tooth decay. Impressively enough, the instances of cavities in children were reduced by 50% without observing any ill effects. Following this, the impact of fluoride on the teeth was tested using fluoride tablets and fluoride-rich toothpaste, and the results were well-documented.

Fluoride to prevent cavities

Cavities are caused due to microbial activity by the bacteria in the mouth. They initially form as small holes left behind by the erosion of the enamel, which eventually becomes wider due to the decay of the tooth tissues. The acids released by the bacteria cause demineralization, resulting in a poor structure of the enamel. Fluoride replaces the minerals that get washed away during the demineralization process and strengthens the teeth, thereby reducing the chances of developing cavities.

How does the body get its share of fluoride?

Fluoride is supplied to the body naturally through drinking water. Almost every region in the United States provides water to its residents enriched with fluoride. Dentists usually recommend their patients use fluoride-rich toothpaste so that their teeth receive the ideal amount of fluoride and stay strong. In case the teeth do not receive enough fluoride and gradually weaken, the dentist can conduct a thorough diagnosis and suggest a fluoride treatment.

What is fluoride treatment?

The use of a topical fluoride solution to increase the amount of fluoride in the teeth is one of the simplest ways to strengthen the teeth. The dentist will thoroughly screen the teeth and decide your candidacy for the procedure. The teeth will be cleaned, and a rubber dam will be placed on them to cover the soft gum tissues. The dentist will apply the fluoride gel on the teeth, spread it evenly, and allow the mineral to adhere to the porous enamel. It is a procedure predominantly suggested for children as they are at a higher risk of sustaining cavities.

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